The Little Saint (Nurseries) Service

Service Vision

A distinguished child, capable of developing himself, his family and his community.

Service Mission

Developing the child’s behaviour, abilities and skills through modern curricula and the latest disciplinary and educational techniques. In addition, we aim at improving the efficiency of the teachers and supervisors through regular training courses and increasing the mothers’ health and family awareness with the help of specialists on constructive health and disciplinary topics.

The Target Segment

Kids from 40 days to 9 years old

Service Description

Anba Abraam Nurseries Service aims at caring for and developing children, aged 2 until school age (which is the child’s early growth stage), using modern curricula and approaches.

The service is based on three axes:

The Child

Developing the child’s mental, spiritual, psychological, motor and artistic skills through spiritual and academic curricula, using “The Montessori Method of Education” and “Active Learning”.

The Teacher

Developing the teaching skills, the effectiveness of communication with the child and the approach of delivering information to the child, through regular training courses and consistent monitoring.

The Mother

Developing her understanding of the childhood phase so that she can understand the child and adopt the right approach to deal with him/her. In addition, we aim at raising her health awareness through a monthly meeting for mothers and family counselling lectures, to ensure that the child is raised in a healthy familial environment that is somewhat filled with peace, love and understanding.

Anba Abraam Nurseries Service offers a comprehensive child development program, comprising: