Vocational Training Service

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Service Vision

The service aims that the youth would work and improve their economic statuses and competence via learning a profession or developing craft skills.

Service Mission

Providing vocational training of the highest level for the youth, besides, providing a suitable accommodation and spiritual environment to contribute to the graduation of a spiritual, well trained, young person prepared for the labour market.

The Target Segment

Youth aged 18 to 35 years old

Service Description

With the speedy development of the job market with its need for technicians with special skills, and the huge number of youth needing a mentor to start their careers, the service partnered with well known institutions in Cairo, to train our youth on more than 18 different professions and craft skills to reach highest levels of competence and to prepare  a trained person aware of the latest skills for the market, in addition to helping him find the suitable job opportunities.

The service is based on the following main aspects:

Professional training available for:

Scholarship Conditions:

Available accommodation for trainees coming from other cities to Great Cairo for the Vocational training service:

A high standard accommodation at Bahateim, beside the El- Tareq El Daire, Shoubra El- Keima.

The service emphasizes on the spiritual aspects during their stay, like for example: