New Eve Service

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Service Vision

A generation that is spiritually and mentally capable of facing the current problems and challenges

Service Mission

Developing Mothers-to-be & young mothers spiritually and mentally through a special training using modern education skills based on Orthodox and scientific foundations.

The Target Segment

Mothers-to-be or young mothers, who have kids up to 10 years old. Also, the female servants who serve mothers and kids from 0-10 years old.

Service Description

This service offers training sessions for those, who will be mothers or young mothers to develop them spiritually and celestially, by means of training them for modern scientific parenting skills, based on Church, Biblical, Orthodox basics.

There will be three training sections, with a general target for each:

Emphasizing the Main Principles

Building Skills

Planning for The Future

Each section includes six lectures followed by six workshops, so that each should cover:


19 March 2021, Assiut

Workshop : Mark's Church - November 19