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Service Vision

A successful and influential generation of young men and women, who are aware of their self-image and can be Jesus’s ambassadors in the future.

Service Mission

Helping young men and women pass the adolescent period safely by preparing an integrated interactive program for teenagers on a scientific and spiritual basis in addition to qualifying young servants in the areas where Anba Abraam for Development serves to be able to provide these programs to the target group.

The Target Segment

Teenage boys and girls from 12 to 18 years old

Service Description

Preparation and implementation of an integrated development program for teenagers (boys and girls) at the preparatory and secondary stage (12-18 years) on a scientific and spiritual basis. Aiming at developing them mentally, psychologically, spiritually and physically, to be successful servants in the future who can impact their communities and churches positively.

The Program deals with the following challenges:

Physical challenges

Porn, sexual immorality, sexual harm / abuse and sexual disorders (i.e. homosexuality)

Psychological challenges

Distorted self-image, identity loss and low self-confidence

Mental challenges

Talent loss, not achieving targets, inflexibility and sense of failure

Spiritual challenges

Skepticism, atheism, belittling and reckless attitude towards discerning the Dogma (taking it lightly), abandoning the Tradition, superficial worshipping, and the absence of a role model