Family Support Service

Service Vision

A Christian family, whose members have balanced personalities, enjoy healthy relations, and are able to provide a healthy Christian and psychological upbringing for their children.

Service Mission

Preparing servants and calibers capable of awareness mentoring, through specialized courses.

The Target Segment

The husbands and wives of any Christian family

Service Description

The service aims at forming a loving, well-bonded, Christian family that is engaged with the Church and capable of raising their children in a healthy manner.

In every diocese, the service provides training to local servants who are capable of changing and correcting the common misconceptions about marital relations and the upbringing of children.

The Service Targets:

1- Correcting psychological misconceptions and developing the servant’s character.
2- Confronting problems and challenges that face the Christian family.
3- Preparing various specialized programs based on Biblical, Orthodox, and modern scientific foundations.
4- Spreading awareness and not just conducting specialized sessions.

The Required Caliber:

- The servant has to care about family relationships.
- Not younger than 35 years old.
- Married and has a successful marital and parenting life
- Capable of learning and delivering what he has learnt.
- University/College Graduate