Start with Yourself (Eradicate Illiteracy)

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Service Vision

Every Christian is educated and able to participate in developing himself and his family

Service Mission

Developing and educating parents based on scientific foundations through trained  local servants

Reading the bible and praying using Agbeya

Helping their children at school

Opportunities for women who does not work to get income at the end of the educational phase (from the Adult Education Authority)

The Target Segment

Service Description

It is a program that aims at teaching adults to read and write and develop them in various fields.

The service is founded on 4 developmental axes :


There is a special book on spiritual development which aims at engaging the people who get served with the Church


Arabic book that helps people in 6 months to read and write letters till they can read and write whole paragraphs, compositions and gain knowledge about basic grammar rules. Math Book that includes the basic calculations and how to apply them on daily life through simple math problems. Enabling people to pass the adult education authority and get certified


A book that includes different health care information, personal and general cleanness, avoiding diseases, first aid and other important topics

Skills Development

Discovering the skills / talents of the people served, help improving them and enrolling them in small projects such as:
needlework, tailoring, accessory-making …etc.