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Service Vision

Training the students and graduates of vocational institutes and intermediate diploma holders spiritually for the church service. They are also trained scientifically, intellectually, and psychologically develop their skills and qualifications (professional and technological qualifications) to cope with the requirements of both the current and the future job market and for the service of their society and country.

Service Mission

Raising the spiritual, scientific, intellectual and cultural levels through:
a. Updated and simplified curricula: Including intellectual, spiritual and scientific knowledge.
b. Developed teaching methods: Depending on self-learning or participating in workshops to acquire technical and everyday life skills.
c. Qualified teachers: To teach the updated curricula and apply the educational methods, which highlight the talents of the students or the graduates enrolled, or allows for the discovery of these talents while they are being taught, or through the workshops and discussions. 
d. Theoretical and practical choices: Ensuring that these students and graduates, after finishing these courses, have actually acquired theoretical knowledge, practical skills, daily life skills and technological skills, which qualify for the job market requirements.

The Target Segment

The students and graduates of technical diplomas and intermediate institutes

The Service Aim

Delivering a spiritual curriculum, along with applicable sciences to students and graduates of technical diplomas and intermediate institutes to develop them spiritually, scientifically and culturally. Improving their financial lives by equipping them with life skills to boost their chances to find jobs, if unemployed, or be promoted to higher positions with better salaries.

The Service Structure

Firstly: The Spiritual Development

Bonding the students of technical diplomas and intermediate institutes… etc. with the church
Spiritual curriculum: 10 to 15 minutes at the beginning of each class all through the course (6 months)

Secondly: The Scientific Development:

Includes the teaching of the following syllabuses:
A. The Arabic Language:
Improving the level of reading and writing, so that the student or the graduate could express whatever she/he wishes (orally or written) in a correct form, to help him to interact with ease and clarity with his/her peers.
B. Mathematics:
Improving the calculation and digital abilities as well as practicing the numerical and geometrical procedures which help them with simple equations and formulas and geometrical measurements, needed at work or for their personal lives.
C. The English Language:
Improving the level of reading, writing and speaking skills in English, so that they can communicate easily, outside work and also with the computer, equipment and machines that depend on technological development or some terms. Improving their financial statuses by opening new horizons for them and boosting their opportunities to find jobs or get promoted at work.
D. Computer:
Training them to log on the computer and effectively use different programs such as (Word, Excel, Power Point), which helps in developing their skills, finding better jobs, or qualifying for promotions and income increase.

Thirdly: The Personal Development

Developing and improving their life skills such as:
- Skills of understanding oneself and others
- Time and time management
- Value of work
- Decision-making.
- Acceptance (accepting others).
- How to present oneself well through CV writing.
- Skills required for an interview.

Passing the exam conducted at the end of each level results in moving forward to the next level.

After completing the whole coursework, a graduation party is held to distribute the graduation certificates along with gifts to the successful graduates.

We then link them to services of recruitment, vocational training, and small projects are offered at Anba Abraam after the completion of the course, so that the served graduates can benefit from the opportunities provided by these services to earn a job or start training for a certain vocation, or starting a small project.

The duration: The whole course lasts for 6 months, allocated as follows: