Apologetics Service

Service Vision

A servant capable of confronting the current faith challenges, which faces the different segments of the Church congregation.

Service Mission

Setting up servants specialized in this faith-defending service

The Target Segment

This service is targeting those serving in the field of apologetics who are dealing with skeptics and atheists.

Service Description

Apologetics service is a special service aiming to confront the skeptical and atheistic uprise, through setting up a team of those servants in every church/ parish

Our responsibility is to provide:

A Preventive Service

- General lectures and seminars.
- Giving special care to prepare servants capable of facing the contemporary challenges.
- Organizing sessions for the servants to raise their awareness of regarding these ideas and how to respond to these arguments.

A Treatment Service

- Individual counseling sessions with the skeptical youth.
- Responding to some ideas on “Social Media”.
- Issuing informative leaflets as well as making short videos, flyers, various means of illustration, handouts / booklets, etc.

Personnel required for this service

- Servants in churches and parishes.
- Preferably committed to this service, and should not to be burdened with other services.

An apologetics course of 24-lectures, divided into two levels, 12 lectures each, covering all topics defending faith.