Get it and Rejoice Service

Service Vision

For people who suffer from deafness or hearing disabilities to become active members of the body of Christ, able to communicate and express their human needs, enjoying their right to develop spiritually, socially and mentally.

Service Mission

Help our loved ones suffering from deafness or hearing disabilities to know God and to integrate into the church and society in general so that they feel their full humanity.

The Target Segment

Our loved ones who are deaf, hard of hearing and people with hearing disabilities.

Service Description

It is an integrated service provided to a specific group “the deaf and people with hearing disabilities” who need a way of dealing and a language of their own. The service is provided through an integrated, illustrated curriculum that includes all aspects of the development of the servant spiritually, behaviorally and educationally, and to train the servant to become a specialist who is fluent in dealing with sign language.

The service is based on several main axes related to both the servant and the served:

1- The served:

A- Spiritual development

Through a spiritual approach that was carefully designed to introduce the served to his church and connect him with it. This approach includes:
- More than 50 diverse lessons about Rite, Creed, Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, and biographies of saints, in addition to fasting sundays and the arrangement of Friday, the end of fasting and Holy Week.
- The book of the service "Get it and Rejoice", includes the most important prayers and church hymns and the Mass translated into sign language.

B- Health and behavioral development:

Through behavioral awareness lessons that cover common aspects and issues in society, in addition to health awareness of the most important prevalent diseases


To erase the illiteracy of the servant, we used a book, Start Yourself, the first part, with all the means of explanation, and translated it into sign language, so that the served person could read and write well.

2- The servant:

A- Theoretical approach:

Through it, the servant learns about the psychology of the deaf, how the community deals with them, and the medical treatment of hearing disabilities, along with introducing them to the most important rules and information necessary for a good use of sign language.

B- Practical approach:

It includes word lessons divided into two levels, through which the servant can start the service with it, while the second level is where the sign servant can develop the language that he/ she learned before, in addition to training the servant to form a sentence and how to read the drawn signs through the help of the book “Get it and Rejoice”.