Sons of King

Service Vision

A modern generation of children whose spiritual, behavioral, intellectual, psychological, and physical needs are well satisfied to be able to change themselves and their community as well as build new futures.

Service Mission

The development of children by providing a comprehensive lifestyle that: – serves the spirit, the soul and the body, through the way they behave – develops their skills and discovers their talents – helps them overcome their challenges, addresses their hardships and needs to achieve the required fundamental change.

The Target Segment

Village children (boys and girls) of the age group of 8-12 years

Service Description

The service is an integrated program (spiritual, behavioural and entertainment) prepared according to the needs of children and the goal/theme of the conference changes every year.

Service is performed through one or more of the following.

1- Children’s retreats during the summer months, when the schools are closed:

2- Home visitations during the winter months when the schools are opened are offered to those who attended summer retreats and to continue follow up:

3- Carnivals: