Ask freely Service

Service Vision

A correct concept of women’s sexual health according to the orthodox Christian vision.

Service Mission

Assert  the correct and scientific orthodox Christian concept of the sexual culture of women.

Making her aware of her rights and duties towards herself and her husband and how to protect herself from harassment,

 and how to protect herself from any misconceptions that could harm her or her physical and psychological health.

The Target Segment

Women of all ages:

  • From three to five years (for boys also in addition to girls at this stage only)
  • primary stage
  • Preparatory and secondary stage
  • From twenty to sixty years married
  • Kindergarten mothers
  • mothers of primary daughters
  • Mothers of middle and high school girls
  • Women over sixty years old

Service Description

Ask freely is a number of training courses for women by a team of female doctors to serve all ages to develop their physical and psychological health on ecclesiastical, biblical, orthodox, and modern scientific foundations.

The training courses are divided into five parts, the general objective of each part:

Each part contains a number of 5 to 7 lectures, where each part covers: