I Speak English Service

Service Vision

A child speaks, reads and writes English correctly.

Service Mission

Teaching Children from first primary to third preparatory the basics of the English language through a multi-level course supported by educational videos for each lesson.

The Target Segment

  • Children from first primary to third preparatory.
  • It is not necessary for the child to know the principles of the English language, as the first level begins with teaching writing and reading letters.
  • The number of children per class does not exceed 20 children.

Service Description

  • Multi-level English course.
  • The course begins with an introductory level to teach English letters.
  • The following levels range from the first to the sixth at present, and subsequent levels are being prepared.
  • Each lesson includes a video that explains the lesson and includes correction of the homework of the previous lesson, a review of what was studied in the unit, and then an explanation of the new lesson.
  • The explanation is undertaken by a group of highly qualified specialized teachers.

Service objective:

By the end of this course the child should be able to:

Service activation procedures:

- At the beginning of the service, a placement test is taken to determine the appropriate level for the learner.
- The duration of each level is about 2 months on a twice-weekly basis and a test is held at the end of each level.
- The service provides the book at cost.
*The videos can be transferred to a flash memory provided by the Diocesan Secretary, or purchased from the Service Desk.

The Role of the Local Servant Facilitator:

- Preparing the place.
- Maintain order in the classroom.
- Read the lesson and watch the video before the lesson time.
- Play the video more than once during the class to ensure that the children understand what is shown in the video.
- Doing some competitions and activities among the children.
- Emphasis on homework.
-Correcting the assignment in the next session.

Conditions to be met in the servant and the training:

- A student or university graduate with at least an average level of English for the first five levels.
- Training will be arranged with the Diocese Secretary according to the circumstances of each Diocese.