Mental math

Service Vision

A smart child, enjoying distinguished mental skills that makes him competent among peers.

Service Mission

Investing the first 12 years of the child’s life through special training courses catered to the targeted children of all the dioceses covered by Anba Abraam Service.

The Target Segment

Children from 5 – 12 years old

Service Description

It is a special cognitive development program for the children, catered to activate their unutilized mental power at the age stage when the mind reaches the peak of its development and growth (i.e. kids between 5 – 12)

The child starts working out mathematical calculations using a calculator, then the calculator is eliminated and the child depends only on pure mental ability, which is known as Mental Maths

The Program extends beyond just improving the mathematical skills to include developing other mental skills such as: concentration – observation – projection – imagination – memory – speed – precision – creativity – self-confidence.

The Program is offered in Arabic or English language, according to the child’s level and school education. It consists of 6 levels, each covered in 10 -12 weeks. The child is assessed at the end of each level to determine whether s/he will move to the next level or should repeat the same level.