Success and Distinction Path Service

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Service Vision

A successful and distinguished Christian servant and an effective/purposeful and fruitful service.

Service Mission

Developing the behaviour and skills of the servants and the leaders as well as motivating them to serve, through specialized training courses, aiming at improving the efficiency of the servant and the service in all dioceses and areas covered by Anba Abraam Service

The Target Segment

  • Male and Female Servants.
  • Service Leaders and Church Leaders.
  • Young holders of higher educational certificates.

Service Description

The “Success and Distinction Path” Service is a training course on the principles of human development and leadership. It aims at defining success in life, in general, with a specific focus on success in the field of church service. The course is delivered in the form of lectures that are merged with gamification, workshops, brainstorming and movie watching, followed by discussions on the movie content, through a scientific curriculum with a spiritual flavour.

Service Coursework:

Training the Servants

1- The purpose-driven life and fruitful service (transformation, the servants’ perception and the goals).
2- Successful prioritizing and time management.
3- Introduction of the art of communication.
4- Problem solving and decision making.
5- Self-confidence.

Leadership Principles in the field of service (Priests and Service Leaders)

1- The qualities of a successful leader.
2- Empowerment, construction and management of an effective team.
3- Motivating the servants.

Success in the job market

1- How to market yourself?
2- How to write a professional and effective C.V?
3- Towards a successful job interview.
4- Work ethic and behaviour.

Preparing Trainers

According to the vision of Anba Abraam Service, the service prepares a second line of trainers from local servants in the various service areas, through a “Training of Trainers” program, which enables the servants who have the potential of training others, to teach the above-mentioned training coursework, and monitoring them afterwards to guarantee continuity of the service.

Training Duration: