New Adaam Service

Service Vision

A generation of fathers full of spirit, psychologically mature, socially successful, capable of leading their family and raising their children with their wifesto a correct spiritual and psychological life.

Service Mission

  • Consolidating the main responsibility of parents in raising children spiritually, physically, psychologically, socially, intellectually in a correct manner with a healthy environment.
  • Prepare number of male servants and cadres capable of developing the educational and behavioral awareness of parents through specialized courses in the field of family education.

The Target Segment

  • Men who are about to get married,newlyweds, and those with children up to the age of 15.
  • The service leaders,and the servants of the meetings of graduates, the newly married, and the youth, at the service of Anba Abram.
  • The priests in the parishes in all the churches of the service of Anba Abram to spread educational awareness, and change the wrong concepts in the behavior of some fathers within the family.. “Change your appearance by renewing your minds.”

Service Description

The service aims to form Christian families that enjoy healthy and psychological relations together, by activating the role of the head of the family in preserving the cornerstone of the home, by setting a good example in family relationships.Hand in hand with the mother’s role in raising children with proper upbringing, and correcting misconceptions about the role of the head of the family in his dealings with his life partner. And with his children, spiritual and social development.

Our slogan:”And for their sake, I sanctify myself, that they also may be sanctified in truth” (John 17:19).